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Interview: Blockboy Dripp

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

KKE: When did you discover you had the gift of Rap?
BBD: I always dabbled a little but really didn't push myself until recently.
KKE: Is there a message behind your music?
BBD: Yes, I tell the stories of my struggle growing up and I speak about the death of my boy D' Block.
KKE: Was D' Block related to you?
BBD: Darryl Ford aka D' Block was my bestfriend and he always encouraged me to do my music. Block and Quan was taken away from me due to senseless street violence. I memorialize them in my music as well as bring attention to the everyday struggles of life.
KKE: What are some of your short term goals as it relates to your music?
BBD: I have a daughter now and she keeps me focused to use my music as a means to an end.
KKE: We wish you much success in the near future and congrats on being a Father, continue to make your daughter proud.

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