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Krazy Juice Radio

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Trenton NJ's 1st Independent Radio Station est. 2010

Krazy Kay Ent interviews Kimberly Ford, the Owner/Creator of Krazy Ju-ice Radio...

KKE: Why did you create Krazy Ju-ice Radio?

KF: I created Krazy Ju-ice Juice Radio Station as a way to help my clients to promote their Music.

KKE: Were you a Communications Major in College? How did you learn about the Radio Business?

KF: No, I actually was a Biology/Pre-Med Major in College. I learned about the Music Business because I was a Rapper myself when I was younger.

KKE: You rapped? Were you a Solo Artist or in a group?

KF: I was in a group called the "Candy Girls." My name was "Krazy Kay" and it was five of us in the group we performed with some of the hottest Artist in the Hip Hop arena.

KKE: Candy Girls, wow! Name some of the Artists that you met.

KF: We performed with Jazzy and Jay Z, this is when Jay Z was the back up for Jazzy in the song Hawaiian Sofie. UTFO, Inspector Gadget, Roxanne Shante, Noel, he sang the song "Silent Morning." I met Africa Islam, Tony D, Curtis Blow, Ice-T, The Cold Crush Brothers, I could go on and on last but not least New Edition. We loved those guys.

KKE: New Edition? Which one was your favorite?

KF: Ronnie DeVoe, I would like to shout out all my Candy Girls Sisters, Goldie T, Bad Female, Jazzy J, and Baby B. I love them like they are my Sisters. I also have to add a special thank you to Ms. Geraldine Archie she was our Manager and Mentor. We wouldn't have been a group if it wasn't for her and her cousin, Anthony Sutton, who we called "Godfather Fresh."

KKE: Do you all still stay in touch? It sound like you were very close.

KF: No, we all went our separate ways. I speak to Baby B and Bad Female every now and again. It would be nice to have a Candy Girl Reunion, maybe go out to lunch or dinner.

KKE: Is this what gave you the idea to start Managing Artists?

KF: I didn't think about it. My son, Darryl, introduced me to "Young Flee." He brought him in the house one day and I was in the kitchen. He said, "Mom, you have to help him. He can rap but he need someone to guide him." I looked at Flee and said if you can rap let me hear something. He started spitting bars right there, no hesitation. He was good so, I just thought about ways I could help him on the business side.

KKE: You went from Manager to starting up a Radio Station to help your Artists?

KF: Yes, I went from Rapper, to Manager, and then I started the Magazine, "Word On Da Streetz," and finally the Krazy Ju-ice Radio Station. I had help from a great team of people in the beginning. I want to thank Thressa Ford, Elaine James, Shamaar Ford, Dominique Ford, Kabbira Ford, Deasia Ford, Rhamsis Ali, Tragedy, and my late son, Darryl Ford. They were all instrumental in my start up down this path.

KKE: Shout out to the team. Now getting back to the Radio Station, did you only allow Musicians on the Station?

KF: No, it developed when others found out about it. We began to sell slots for all sorts of Businesses.

KKE: Was it just a vocal station?

KF: At first, then we went on location to Showcases and started streaming "live" out of the Station.

KKE: What was some of the name of the Shows?

KF: We had DJ Ju-ice hour, Word On Da Streetz, Tell It All Tuesday, Kareem's Klub Hour, 12 Hour Gospel mixed with Jazz and Blues Nights on Sundays.

KKE: Who was one of your first VJ's for Krazy Ju-ice Radio?

KF: L'Starr the Owner/Founder of LA Familiyah Ent. was one of the first female Media Personality for us. She Co-Sponsored the "Go Hard or Stay Home" showcases with Pye from Riot Records. She signed various Artists from different ethnical backgrounds and was gradually doing big things throughout Trenton, NJ and Philadelphia, PA. She hosted the "Word On Da Streetz" show.

KKE: Is there a magazine called "Word On Da Streetz"?

KF: Yes, I created the Magazine too. I took the name of the Radio Show and used it for the Magazine.

KKE: So, you were in charge of naming the Shows?

KF: Yes, Krazy Ju-ice Radio was my idea and I worked with Shayne Miller aka Tragedy who was the Owner/Creator of Tragedy Productions. He was the Engineer for the Show and I did all the other stuff behind the scenes.

KKE: In closing is there anyone else you want to recognize?

KF: Yes, I want to thank the "The Mixtape Legend" DJ Juice and DJ Kevin Parham (WMMCC College Radio - Viking89). I appreciate the encouragement they gave through the process. I have a special "thanks" for "Nuff Trouble." We met in 2007 and he has been a great support system and for that I will always love and appreciate him.

KKE: Welcome back and we wish you much success.

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