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"TRAPPED" by LeeLee aka Righteous

WODS: Good got Krazy Kay from Word On Da Streetz Magazine and I'm here with the One and Only LeeLee aka Righteous the Author of the book Trapped.

LeeLee: Hey...what's good Krazy Kay...thanks for having me on.

WODS: I want to know what inspired you to write your book Trapped?

LeeLee: Well, what inspired me? What made me write the book was to challenge myself to tell my story and what insired me to be honest is two Philly Rappers...Gille da Kid and his cousin, Wallo 267. I didn't want to be just another old drug dealer with no new ideas...nothing to pass down to the youth. The game is tagoo ain't nothing glamourous about selling dope. I understand that all men are created equal but what sets us apart is our level of they inspired me.

WODS: Is Gillie da Kid your favorite Artist? Who would you say is your favorite Artist?

LeeLee: Nah, Gillie ain't my favorite Artist. Jim Jones is my favorite Artist and I'll tell you why. You know its something about willpower and the ability to take a punch and get back up. This dude said, "They said I'll never be great again...they lied." That spoke to my feel me. You know how to lose it all and get it all back plus more. That's the type of time I'm on.

WODS: That sounds interesting I read the book and its based on the city where you grew up in Trenton, NJ. Is it a true story?

LeeLee: Yeah, the book "Trapped," is a true story about me and my childhood friends growing up doing the things we did and witnessing the some of the things we we witnessed. Yeah, its based on a true story. Facts.

WODS: I like the fact that you changed the Ladies names to Designer Bags what inspired you to do that?

LeeLee: Well I was talking to Sister Flandthaland and she assured me that you don't want no issues with a scorned woman you know so you better be nice. That's why I came up with the Designer Bags you know for all the women that was in my life. Basically, they all was good to me so they all deserve a Designer Bag.

WODS: That was a tasteful shout-out. You are currently in Federal custody on conspiracy charges from 2018 how is that going?

LeeLee: Well, I blew trial and I'm pending appeal so I really can't get into all of that. It's in Allah hands.

WODS: How has being incarcerated shaped you into being the man that you are today?

LeeLee: Well, for one I always been a man. Paying bills, checking on my folks, being kind to my friends...being incarcerated just kind of woke me up you know to make the best out of a bad situation.

WODS: What advice would you give to the youth who think that being in the game is basically the only option they have?

LeeLee: Well talking to the youth is a tall order because you know how fast things are nowadays but my advice to the youth is to ask for help. This game is tagoo you know and its only two ways its going to a pine box or in the cell. You know ask or go get the most positive person you can find. You'll get it help is out there.

WODS: What advice would you give to the Parents who are naive to the game and to try and help them to keep an eye on what their kids are doing so we can keep them out of the game?

LeeLee: One, parents should learn their know learn their weaknesses...learn their strengths encourage your kids to do the right thing. Basically, learn your to them. Communication is the key.

WODS: If you could do it all over again what would you do different and why?

LeeLee: If I could do it all over again I probably would stay in the house. My sisters you know they have no issues because they was in the house. Once I stepped off the porch I kept it moving. Allah got a path for all of us to travel so I'm cool with it. My thing is to get back and do the right thing and get back.

WODS: What are your plans for the future?

LeeLee: Well as of now we turning "Trapped," the book into a Movie and I got merchandise that I'm marketing from here behind the wall. You only as strong as your team and my team is pretty strong right now. We up and running so we just gonna do this Movie thing and see where that go.

WODS: That's interesting so you're gonna turn "Trapped" into a Movie. Is there a Part II to the book?

LeeLee: As of It's the Movie and merchandise.

WODS: We want to thank you LeeLee aka Righteous for stopping by we appreciate you taking time to come and talk to Word On Da Streetz to let us know what's good on the streets.

LeeLee: I want to shout-out my town. TRENTON STAND UP!

You can purchase "TRAPPED" by LeeLee aka Righteous on for $10.

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