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Young Flee

Updated: Dec 6, 2020


Young Flee has hit the city of Trenton like a Tornado, born Derek Hodges, he picked up a Mic at the age of 13 and "NEVER" let it go! His goal is to reach all audiences through his eloquent rapping style.





is the acronym for Flee whose purpose is to create awareness through his lyrics.

His decision to take his music to another level begin with hiring Krazy Kay Entertainment and to record his first hit song, "I'm Good." KK Ent began booking him in shows throughout the Tri-State area. A list of his performance venues include the War Memorial Building, Maxines, Club Bowery, V.I.P., Club Amarachi's, The Lab, Don Hills, Club Pyramid, and Public Assembly.

Street Legendary hosted by Mr. Hype featuring Kilogram and OZ

Flee was featured in Protégé Magazine, Drahma Magazine, and Club Pyramid for His single "I'm Good" was spinning by Big Cal and he was interviewed by Kevie Kev and DJ Redboy on

He locked the attention of NJ 's Very Own Rapper Kilogram and collaborated together to produce "Street Legendary" the Mixtape. Keep your eyes open for Young Flee aka Certa V new release coming soon...

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